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“Yes, I see…” As expected, she went to Misumi-kun first, then came to my place...

“Let me introduce again. He is Misumi Eiichi from Class O, in the second year just like us. I saw him playing games in the arcade and chatted him up. He was concentrating hard on playing a tetris-like puzzle game.”

Tendo-san’s introduction made Misumi-kun blush.

“Eh, don’t say that, Tendo-san. It’s really embarrassing.”

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“Why would that be? I am complimenting you. Your skills are shockingly good.”

“No, my only forte is in playing that game…”

… Uwah, even the way they met was much better than mine. That’s right, the male and female main characters should meet that way, yup.

My eyes had turned gloomy, but the cheerful Misumi-kun still shyly and naturally extended his right hand to me.

“Erm, nice to meet you, Amano-kun. I heard about you from Tendo-san. Well… I actually don’t have many friends, I will be very happy if you are willing to be friends with me.”

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“Ah, a-alright, n-nice to meet you, I am Amano. How do you do!” He is super cool!

I wasn’t used to the action of shaking hands, so I shook back embarrassedly with a red face… Ah, what a smooth hand. His brown hair was smooth too, and what a kind smile… Wait, what was that!? BL? But to be frank, just this part of him already won me over! If I was the main heroine in a love comedy starring Misumi-kun, I would be the type that would fall for him easily, that’s how much I admired him!

After I was captured completely, Tendo-san stood up again.

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“Alright then, please follow me to the Gamers Club.”

When we heard this──

Misumi-kun and I looked at each other’s faces… Then I squeezed out a smile a bit too forcefully and said: