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I wonder if I've succeeded in bringing back that shine the room had when I first set foot in it. I switched the kettle on and sought a brief respite. I'm slightly hesitant about using the newly polished, glittering cup but there's no way around it.

I took out my phone and tried accessing the school app. Class points and personal balances and the such are displayed there and I stared at them aimlessly. Deciding that I'll do so until the water boils, I tried sorting out my own future in that time.

Let's start from the very beginning.

Why I even enrolled at this school in the first place? It's so that I won't have to return to the place I came from. It's not like I particularly dislike my life in the White Room or anything.

In terms of human rights, it's a very problematic place but at the very least, it's true that the best education you can possibly receive lies there.

Thanks to that, I was able to form my own unique personality and acquire a convenient skillset. However, I felt an indescribable discontent at being hailed as the ultimate masterpiece by my father.

Even if I am the ultimate human that really something I should be overjoyed about?

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It's precisely because I've always lived my life believing there's something that needs to be learnt that studying became meaningful. But what happens when there's nothing left to learn?

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That would be excruciatingly boring.

But I suppose I couldn't care less about that. I should think about what I plan on doing next. I knew my father would make contact with me one day. That was something I had already known from the moment Chabashira-sensei threatened me with expulsion during the summer.

Of course, even back then, I had my doubts. Because if my father does make contact with me, the matter of Chabashira-sensei protecting me or not goes right out the window.

He's not the sort of man a mere class teacher would be able to deal with. But, knowing my father, I couldn't entirely rule it out as a lie either. Due to that, I put up a cooperative front and executed several strategies in the name of rising to Class A.

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I started hearing the sound of water boiling in the kettle.

However, by coming this far I was able to determine that Chabashira-sensei's claims are based on a lie. Strangely enough, it was because my father made his presence known.

The most important thing here is not the fact that she has no connection to my father.

It's that I was able to determine that her threat of 'expelling me unless I give it my all' is a lie. Chabashira Sae carries a deep trauma from her past and wishes to rise to Class A.

Just like Horikita and Keisei. No, she's probably more obsessed with Class A than either of them.

A person like that won't have the courage to expel someone from their class. No, at first I had considered the possibility of her performing a suicide run because until after the island exam, Class D was in an extremely disadvantageous position.

It wasn't a situation where one could cling onto hope in.