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As a result, the Joker was left in Nagumo's possession and the 2nd years ended up suffering a defeat.

"I've been beaten. Then shall we go for a fourth round?".

Nagumo, without any bitterness, made preparations for a fourth round.

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"The 1st years have won for the first time with this. How about I have you lose again? You're our juniors after all, so I'd like you to take over our duties".

Saying that, Nagumo began dealing out the cards.

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"If I recall, Sudou's from Class D, isn't he? Who's from Class D here?".

While the cards are being dealt out, Ishikura asked that and looked over towards the 1st years.

"Ahh, we're Sudou's classmates".

Keisei said so while glancing at me. And then he immediately added this.

"Just one thing, starting from this month we've been promoted to Class C".

One wouldn't normally care much for the affairs of a school year that's not theirs. But when Keisei said that, Ishikura was impressed while looking surprised.

"So you've been promoted from Class D to Class C, huh? That's impressive".

"Of course, not too long after enrolling, this year's Class D ran out of class points though".

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"And you still got yourselves promoted to Class C. Good going there. How large's the gap between you and Class B?".

When Ishikura asked that, Keisei stopped answering.

"Please forget it. This is a group comprised of all the classes. It's my bad for bringing an incendiary topic into this".

He apologized. Certainly, this isn't a topic to bring up in a place like this. For Ishizaki and the others from Class D who fell behind us, and for Class B, this surely isn't a fun topic to discuss.

As a result, the 1st years barely joined the conversation and most of it revolved around Nagumo and the 3rd years. The fourth round. When four out of six people finished up, Nagumo called for a stop.

"The remaining players are two 1st years, huh? There's no need to play this to the end anymore, right?".