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I didn’t get it myself either. I was showing symptoms of catching a cold, probably from the lack of sleep, my entire face will heat up when I get agitated. I couldn’t stand it…

── At this moment, I realized that Aguri glanced towards my face, and then shuffled towards her class as if she was in a trance… Strange.

I wanted to call out to Aguri, but Hoshinomori didn’t seem to realize that I knew Aguri, and continued talking to me.

"Neh neh…Uehara-san. Is it fine… for me to change my style like this? W-Well, aside from my classmates, even my parents and younger sister asked me ‘w-who are you?’...”

In the end, Hoshinomori couldn’t tell if these reactions were good or bad. Was there even a need to say this? I couldn’t stand it, just how low was these people’s self esteem…?

“Well, there aren’t any problems, it suits you very well, Hoshinomori. Especially your haircut, it is great. Amano won’t call you seaweed head anymore.”

“I-Is that so? Hehe… T-Thank you!”

Seeing the bashful smile of the more confident Hoshinomori… looks like she will be popular.

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── As we were chatting about various things, Amano approached gradually from behind Hoshinomori. I raised a hand to acknowledge Amano, and he greeted me from afar: “Morning, Uehara-san~~" … But he didn’t stop at all and headed towards Class F.

When Amano passed us by, he said softly with a mocking laugh at Hoshinomori:

“Dry seaweed.”


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Using the chance while Hoshinomori was getting mad, Amano dashed into the classroom. J-Just how much does he hate Hoshinomori!?

Hoshinomori wanted to rebuke him, but entering Class F… Entering another class in the morning made her hesitate, and she could only stomp her feet vexingly.

“W-What is w-wrong with him! Uehara-san, why are you friends with Keita!?”

“Huh...? Why are we friends… B-Because he lends me games?”