What technology can make money online?

What technology can make money online?

From the beginning—when they were selecting locations for the internet cafe, they avoided areas around universities.

However, this region was considered a busier area. This branch did not have a low turnover to begin with. After what happened with Chen Lei, the volume of business increased more. Now, it was only second to the flagship store, incurring a little loss.

For this very reason, Pei Qian had always neglected this branch. He rarely came over.

He was only visiting this time because he was leading Teacher Qiao here. Whenever Pei Qian felt sad in the future, he could come over and watch Teacher Qiao play the game. That would improve his mood for sure.

Pei Qian introduced Teacher Qiao to the branch manager of this Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. Then, he found a spot on the second floor. That would be Teacher Qiao’s work desk from here on out

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Repent and be Saved’s beta version had already been installed on the computer. This version would be updated along with the research and development progress of the game. At the same time, it had simple time-recording functions. Each day, it would record the duration for which Teacher Qiao played the game. He had to fulfill the eight hours.

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If he did not play enough one day, he could make up for it the next day. If he still could not make up for it, his pay would be docked.

There were also other things to note. At the moment, Repent and be Saved was still being developed. He could not reveal the plot of the game. That meant that Teacher Qiao could not record videos or discuss too much about the game with his fans.

There were not many customers in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe to begin with, and Teacher Qiao’s spot was located in a deserted corner. That ensured he would not be disturbed while he was playing the game.

Soon, everything was in order.

“Ask the branch manager to prepare your daily meals and drinks. Fish-Catching Internet Cafe adheres to hygiene standards, and the food and drinks would be safe to eat. You can rest assured.

“Try to get used to this environment. We have prepared a welcome feast for you tonight. We’ll pick you up when it’s time.