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“Don’t worry, ‘Sadiz’. I left early because of a headache.” [2]

“Oh my, the mentality of a slime as usual. I believe today should be a mock battle as well as the announcement of the written test results... did you lose to the princess?”


“As expected, you’re too boring, Lil’ Earth!”

Sadiz, a maid with a nasty smile and an unrelenting venomous tongue.

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It seems she was a war orphan, and was in this mansion before I was born, we were brought up as siblings, and now she is my exclusive maid.

Her beautiful silver hair is tied together behind her head, and the skirt of her maid outfit, which should be neat and tidy, is short, reaching just above her knees for some reason, and her breasts and voluptuous body is very stimulating to me.

She is young at only 19 years old, and to me she is more like a mean elder sister than a maid.

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Well, she is also my first love, and I’m sure she’s the one I want to end up with someday.

She’s not my fiancée. But I intend to make her my future wife.

“It’s okay. The exams are over, and all that’s left is the graduation match. No matter what kind of grades I get now, my evaluation will not drop.”

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“Certainly, as the second-seat, you are free to choose your career path after graduation. So, if Lil’ Earth says he’ll advance to the Imperial Knight, it seems to be a definite matter.”

“Right? Then no one would complain, and isn’t that what everyone expects? My father is the Hero.”