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“…Something like that… I guess.”

“Is that so?”

Although there are various uncertainties, one thing’s for certain. She was attracted to Hirata’s gentleness.


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Mii-chan had been blushing as she talked about meeting with Hirata, but her expression clouded over suddenly as she was brought back to reality.

“I… I don’t think I’m good enough to become Hirata-kun’s girlfriend…”


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How am I even able to ask that? I’m surprised that I’m even able to speak up.

“Because there are too many rivals… Besides, I’ve never been in love before or anything…”

Even though she’s overflowing with feelings of love, it doesn’t seem like she has the courage to take action.

And while I don’t want to think that a lack of prior experience with love is a handicap, it definitely has some effect.

“Well, Mii-chan… Wait, is it alright for me to be calling you Mii-chan?”

“Oh no, you’re totally fine. Everyone calls me that. Even though both my parents are Chinese, they both like my Japanese nickname, so even they call me Mii-chan.”

That is to say, she isn’t half-Japanese or anything like that?

“Are you studying abroad?”

“Yeah. When I was in my first year of middle school, my father came to Japan on business.”

So she moved to Japan with the rest of her family?