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Hiyori’s interest in the topic really went beyond my expectations.

“Speaking of China, the wall is definitely a spot that can’t be forgotten. Though, personally, I’d like to go to Pingyao Ancient City.”

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“Pingyao Ancient City?”

It seems like Hiyori’s first time hearing of the place.

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Mii-chan, on the other hand, widened her eyes in surprise at the fact that I knew of the place.

“Even though it’s a World Heritage Site, the fact that you know about it…”

“It’s just a something I heard about.”

“By the way, are the two of you… friends?”

Mii-chan asked the two of us after seeing Hiyori and I talk naturally with one another.

“Yep! We’re reading buddies.”

“Well, you’re not wrong.”

“Reading buddies…?”

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Mii-chan had an expression on her face that was telling us she didn’t understand.