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And then one after another, everyone left the room, leaving me and Ichinose alone.

"Now we just have to trust everyone" she said.

"Yeah...I suppose so"

"Ayanokouji-kun, you're quite calm. Aren't you worried?" she asks.

"I can't do anything but believe in the others after all...I'm going back to my room" I told her.

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There's nothing else to be gained even if I stay here any longer.

"Hey, wait a minute"

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Ichinose stops me by putting a hand on my shoulder.

At that moment I sensed that the space between us would soon become a tense one.

"Who was the one that came up with this plan to swap phones?" she asks me.

"Of course, that's Horikita" I replied.

"I see. Then please tell Horikita-san, that her plan was a huge success"