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『Huh... perhaps you should go for the prize...』

The eye of the Great Demon King by my side glowed suspiciously.

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[S1] The word used here, 闇営業, has multiple iterations. Wasn’t sure which to use, so I used them all...

[S2] The Japone seems to be a stand in for Japanese. So I decided to keep the titles and honorifics whenever they talk. Let me know if it’s bothersome.

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Translated by: Sads07

A bored woman looking down on the world.

Well, it’s none of my business, but......


「Hmm. 」

『Accept that little girl’s challenge.』

「...... huh?? 」

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『Would the prize not be convenient?』

I was about to leave, but Tre’ainar’s suggestion surprised me.