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"I wonder if that means he's made a move this early".

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A single student from our camp who was staring out at Class B and Class C, whispered that. It was from the girl who conspicuously stood out here that I was curious about earlier.

It was a girl sitting all alone with downcast eyes. In her hands she was gripping a slender cane. No matter who looks at her, the fact that she has trouble walking would have clearly been conveyed.

"She is Sakayanagi Arisu. Since she is disabled she'll be utilizing a chair, I'd like you to understand".

The one who offered an explanation was not the person in question herself, but rather, Katsuragi.

"So that is Sakayanagi.....".

It's the other leader of Class A who, according to rumors, split up Class A's forces between herself and Katsuragi.

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Her body was slender to the point one could almost be convinced as to why she was absent during the journey to the uninhabited island, and since her legs were not in a good condition she's sitting in a specially prepared chair.

Even as the gazes of her surroundings ended up being focused on that figure of hers, she herself showed no signs of paying any heed to them.

Is her somewhat short hair dyed or not? It's silver. It's become a strong distinguishing feature of hers. Her skin is pale. It seems her name is Arisu, and truly, it almost feels like she came straight from Wonderland.

"She's real cute.....".

It couldn't be helped even if the boys of Class D caused an uproar like that. A cuteness different from Kushida's and Sakura's, a different kind of beauty. That ephemeral figure of hers invokes feelings of wanting to protect her.

But the boys could not muster up the usual air of joking around and do something like call out to her.

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Perhaps it was the strength in her eyes that, no matter how faintly, gave off the feeling of a strong will in her. They may have felt that if they drew close to her, something bad would have happened. Having realized she was bathing in their attention, Sakayanagi gently smiled.