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He could sell those shares for another huge sum of money!

Of course, He Desheng did not dare to call the shots. After all, Pei Qian had already told him to hold onto the last twenty percent.

Yet, holding onto the shares made He Desheng feel like he had failed to completely cash out on this project. It almost seemed to go against Boss Pei’s initial intentions.

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In other words... He Desheng’s work felt incomplete.

After pondering over it for a long time, He Desheng decided to call Boss Pei.

Pei Qian was lying on the bed like a corpse when his cell phone rang. “Eh? He Desheng?”

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Pei Qian quickly picked up. “Hello, what’s the matter?”

On the other end of the line, He Desheng was stunned. He had not expected Boss Pei to pick up so quickly or to sound like he was not busy at all.

“Oh, Boss Pei, I’ve already done what you asked me to and sold all the shares, save for twenty percent. Should I continue to sell the shares? If I do that, we might be able to make another four or five million yuan.” Pei Qian, “...?”

At that moment, he found it hard to understand what He Desheng was saying.

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He sold all the shares so quickly? He can even earn another four or five million yuan if he sells the last twenty percent?

I remember I had about sixty percent earlier...

How much did I earn by selling the shares just to affect the other investors’ confidence?!

Pei Qian quickly asked, “What’s the project’s current estimated value?”