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“I said to stop this shit, Ishizaki. This guy may look like an ordinary person, but he’s really nothing more than a nasty monster.”

“Even if I’m no match for him, I’ll at least get one hit in!”

“Get over it.”

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Ibuki then smacked Ishizaki on the head.

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“We came here and asked Ayanokōji for something completely unreasonable. He didn’t even say anything wrong, and yet here you are, lashing out at him for it. Could you stop being such a humiliation?”


Ishizaki had let the blood rush to his head.

It seems difficult for him to stay composed when it comes to Ryūen for some reason.

Neither of them seemed to have any intention of doing anything. Millions of points, completely free for the taking, were simply going to disappear. If they were thinking about the future of Class D, those points were something that they had absolutely no reason not to get their hands on.

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If Ibuki and Ishizaki, Ryūen’s closest friends, didn’t want it, then there’s nothing that could be done about it.

“Well, I had really wanted to see the strength of your resolve a bit more, but…”

“…Huh? What do you mean by that?”