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And while it would be one thing if her watch had broken due to some technical issue, given that she was the one who had broken it, well… If they were to chalk it up as her own responsibility, this precious chance to get out of the forest would slip through her fingers.

Therefore, she wanted to find a way to hold onto the chance instead.

A thought came to mind: that it might be for the best to just follow after them.

They’d ideally just go back to the starting area from here, but if they ended up heading off to an upcoming Task site instead, other students would be bound to show up sooner or later. Either way, by following them she’d probably manage to avoid the worst-case scenario.

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After thinking about it for a bit longer, she ultimately settled on tailing them from behind.

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Since they seemed to be immersed in a conversation of some sort as they walked, she figured that she would be relatively hard to notice. And even in the off chance she did get caught, she didn’t think it’d be a very big deal as long as she feigned ignorance.

“I asked you to confirm whether or not we’re in the clear to freely take action. How about it?”

“It seems that will be difficult. I’ve found evidence to suggest that the teachers are keeping a keen eye on us. Among them, Mashima seems to be on particularly high alert…”

The sound of their voices traveled clearly throughout the quiet, tranquil forest, allowing Ichinose to make out most of what they were saying.

Though, she wasn’t very interested in the contents of their conversation, so she didn’t listen in very closely, choosing to focus primarily on staying concealed instead.

“Aside from him, there’s one other teacher of note: Chabashira, Class 2-D’s homeroom teacher. She’s been searching through all the logs and records.”

“It’s because dragging the teachers into this was one of the few viable options he had left. Be it Chabashira-sensei or Mashima-sensei, there’s no doubt in my mind that their actions link back to Ayanokōji-kun. Since Ayanokōji-kun happened to be at the scene back then, it’s only natural that he managed to figure out the truth.”

However, everything changed the moment a certain, unexpected name came up.

Ichinose held her breath with newfound interest.


A name that subconsciously made her heart throb whenever she heard it.

The two men came to a complete stop before continuing, perhaps due to the sudden mention of this very name.

“I’ve already altered the logs on our end, so I don’t believe they’ll be able to trace anything.”

“Thank you for that. However, they still might get their hands on something. If so, we’re not going to get another chance. We have to be sure to corner him this time.”