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「Hehe, the guys at Thousand Blade Academy might withdraw from the match, right? They might even be cowering in fear after witnessing the match just now!」

Somehow, it seems like Cain-san has already won.

When I was doubtful of this situation, the referee approached me with a pitiful look.

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「〈Hell Hundred〉… is a truly terrifying soul dress. Allen-kun… how pitiful for such a young swordsman… Shall I count you as not being able to continue?」

For some reason he looked at me with sorrowful eyes and encouraged me to gently withdraw from the match.

「N-No no, I can still continue! Or more precisely, I’m about to get serious from now on!」

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To withdraw without even doing anything… this is not a joke.

Although it was a little unsatisfactory, I’ve been training for a hundred years.

From now on, the results of the training must be fully tested.

And as I did,

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The referee opened his eyes wide for some reason.