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「Yeah… we can wear winter clothes starting in October, right?」

We went to our classroom while talking about that.

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When I opened the classroom door, a slightly unusual scene spread out.

Rose, who has a reputation for being a weak morning person, had already reached the academy before us.

(It’s rare for her to come this early in the morning.)

I and Ria put our bags at our seats and greeted Rose.

「Good morning, Rose.」

「Good morning, Rose. You’re early today.」

「Aa… Good morning, Allen, Ria… Fuwaah 」

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As usual, Rose, who had artistic bed hair, slowly turned her body towards us, and let out a deep yawn that almost made me yawn too.

「Ahaha, you seem quite sleepy.」

「Looking at your appearance, I’m guessing you didn’t sleep much yesterday?」

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「Nn, yeah… Last night we had the celebration party, and most of all, I used〈Winter Sakura〉for too long. My spiritual power was completely… Fuwaa…」

When she yawned again, the classroom door slid open, and an elderly male teacher walked in.

(Oh, who is this?)

He stood on the podium, cleared his throat, and spoke.

「Um… There is a message for everyone of Year 1 Class A. Um… Today, the director went to Ringard Palace due to an emergency summon from the government.」

Everyone in the class began to buzz all at once.