Is this made of these money?

Is this made of these money?

“Haha, …that’s how he does things.”

“Really. That’s why he’s a short-fused person…”

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At this point, we made direct eye contact for the first time today. We smiled sincerely.

After that, Aguri started explaining the result. “However, that’s why…”

“I understood. It’s because Amanocchi encouraged me. This time, I can finally say it out loud without making Tasuku suspect anything.”


At this point, Aguri stood up from the wall and turned to me.

The street behind her is painted with the sunset.

As usual, she showed her innocent, lighthearted, yet most adorable smile. Finally- she said the thing that I’ve been craving since meeting her.

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“I love Tasuku more than anyone else.”


Huh, my vision is getting blurry. …For some reason, I can’t see my beloved girl clearly anymore. Even though it’s such a reassuring answer, my cheeks flared up as I plopped my head down bashfully.