Netizens are in online how to make money

Netizens are in online how to make money

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<Conversion in progress…>

< System Funds: 6.72 million +32.03 million (↓ 11.48 million) >

< Fixed Assets: 320.28 million >

< Personal Wealth: 2.725 million (↑ 1.15 million x110%!)(MISSING) >

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< If you convert more than 800,000 yuan per cycle, you will receive a mysterious reward with a huge impact (available to be received now) >

< Unfinished project for now: Thriller Hostel’s roller coaster project. It must be officially opened for business during the next cycle. >

Pei Qian felt much more at ease seeing the System Funds being converted into his Personal Wealth.

He had spent a lot of money out of his own pocket during this cycle.

He had spent nearly 1.5 million yuan on buying a house and exchanged 100,000 yuan for 10 million yuan to burn money. He had also spent money on fake reviewers in order to give Meng Chang the right example.

It was a little painful coupled with the miscellaneous expenses.

Fortunately, everything proved to be valuable now!

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He clicked on the mysterious reward for this cycle.

< Mysterious reward: In order to meet the company’s development needs, the relevant rules for infrastructure projects have been activated.>

< Basic building projects: Specifically, daily operations, office needs, non-profit infrastructure, such as office buildings. >

< The unfinished infrastructure projects will not affect the settlement cycle, but the additional investment funds must not exceed 30%!o(MISSING)f the original planning funds. If it exceeds that, the current settlement cycle will be delayed based on the proportion exceeded. >

< Infrastructure building projects will be recorded in the System Funds in a 100: 1 ratio. >

Pei Qian’s eyes lit up.