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Less than a week had passed, but the situation was already very bad. He could roughly deduce the sales volume of the game and the movie box office for the entire life cycle through the figures of the week after this weekend ended.

Pei Qian looked at the various media outlets, gamers, and the audience’s praises and felt very tired.

It was like pouring toxic milk into his mouth one mouthful by one mouthful. He could not even finish it, and yet someone kept on pouring it down. Finally, it flowed down the corner of his mouth...

Pei Qian’s eyes lit up as he fretted.

That was because he saw the discussion about Bunny Tail Live-Stream on the forum!

Pei Qian turned on Bunny Tail Live-Stream. Indeed, he realized that while he had been busy unearthing Tian Mo, the unpolished gem, Bunny Tail’s “mandatory one hour” function had been released.

This was the first time Pei Qian had logged into Bunny Tail live-stream after the version update. Thus, a dialog box popped up. It briefly introduced the various rules after the version update, especially the “mandatory one hour” function.

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An hour’s countdown would appear in the upper right corner of the interface after officially entering the website or application for the Bunny Tail Live-Stream. Before the countdown ended, one could only browse the contents of the learning area or use the focus mode to hang the phone.

Of course, there were loopholes that could be exploited. They could indeed muddle through if they hung a bunny tail live-stream webpage on the computer for an hour.

The key was not this hour, but “creating additional trouble for the audience”. The audience could indeed solve the problem by letting the webpage hang for an hour. However, there was a natural disadvantage compared to live-stream platforms that did not have any restrictions where they could just browse through.

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Pei Qian looked at the feedback on the internet and finally smiled. His worries were gone.

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“Has Bunny Tail Live-Stream gone crazy? It’s a good live-stream platform because e-sports competitions are supposed to be thriving. Why are they forcefully disgusting their audiences?”

“I only have one or two hours of rest a day. I have to watch learning videos or let it hang for an hour if I want to watch live-streams? Isn’t that too much? It’s fine if they want to manage teenagers, but even adults?”

“It’s alright. I’ll do something else for a while as I wait for the competition to start.”

“The key is that you have to remember to let it hang for an hour every day? Watching live-streams is always for entertainment. Aren’t you tired if you do this?”

“Bye bye, Bunny Tail live-stream. There are so many platforms broadcasting competitions. It’s not like I can only watch from you.”

“It’s a pity. I always thought that watching the competition live on Bunny Tail would be the best. Now, I can only change platforms.”

“You can tell from the number of viewers in the live-stream. Bunny Tail’s live-stream is filled with real data. Recently, the number of viewers in the various live-streams has dropped by at least two-thirds. They have fallen so much that even their own mothers don’t recognize them.”