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“Hah? What business do you have with me? I have basketball practice now.”

Feeling listless, he opened his bag, grabbed his uniform and showed it to Sensei.

“I already talked to your advisors. You don’t have to come, but you’ll face the consequences later.”

Sudou was on guard after Chiyabashira-sensei threatened him.

“What the hell… Is this going to end quickly?”

“That depends on you. Just by staying here, we’re wasting more time.”

With those words, it looked like he had no choice but to follow.

After clicking his tongue, Sudou walked behind Chiyabashira-sensei and walked out of the classroom.

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“I thought he changed, but I guess that Sudou is the same as ever. Wouldn’t it have been better if he dropped out?”

I don’t know who it was, but I could hear someone in the class mumbling to themselves.

After the last test, I thought that the class had become more united as a group. Somehow, that seems to have been my imagination; guess it was a lie.

“Do you think so too? That it would’ve been better if Sudou-kun was expelled.”

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While talking to me, Horikita was putting her textbook in her bag in order to return to the dorms. There probably aren’t many students that take their textbooks back and forth to review and prepare for the lessons. It’s a sad thought.

“Eh, not really. How about you, Horikita? As the only person who helped out Sudou.”

“Hmm… Well, we still don’t know how many positive points we’ll get.”

My neighbor, Horikita, replied with an uninterested voice.