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“Hey, I’ve already said this many times. That’s thanks to Karen-san’s help. How many times do I have to explain it until you understand!?”

“Even so! At least that unique return combo belongs to Chiaki, right?”

“Uh, well, yeah…”

“That’s still amazing! It’s because this means that Chiaki has a secret attack that not even Main-san can imagine!?”

“Maybe, but…”

“I’m saying that’s an amazing talent! You’re really creative, NOBE!”

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Keita’s eyes are shining. He’s in his passionate fan mode now and keeps praising me at such a close distance. Moreover, since the seats are pretty narrow, I can’t help but feel his body temperature when his arm touches mine. It’s just making me even more embarrassed.

(Ah, I guess you can say this as a reward…!)

My most beloved boy is praising me extremely closely.

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That’s like winning the lottery. …However, regrettably, for a useless girl like me, I can’t handle such an amount of happiness at all.

It’s because if you compare a normal girl’s happiness capacity as a draft beer cup, mine is like Yakult, okay!? Even if you pour that much happiness champagne, I’ll have no idea what to do. [Yakult’s 100 mL / 3.5 oz.]