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“In the unlikely event that I were to interfere with Class C somehow and negatively impact your results… I wouldn’t mind accepting my loss. It would be perfectly acceptable for you to refuse to have a match with me during the next exam.”

“If my classmates were to focus their censure votes on me, there wouldn’t be a next time in the first place.”

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I’d then be expelled. End of story.

“You are certainly right about that. Either way, please have some peace of mind. That’s all I’m trying to say.”

Her words were more than just courteous, but I guess these were the steps she needed to take in order to gain my trust.

“Perhaps it’s possible that your subordinates betray you before our match can happen.”

“Fufu, you’re quite the funny one.”

Nearly every student in Class A was part of the Sakayanagi faction.

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She was confident that the class wouldn’t dare attempt to remove its own leader.

“I had already decided who would be expelled as soon as the exam was announced.”

“You decided early on who’d be removed? Sounds like the right decision.”

Sakayanagi was able to make this decision precisely because she sat at the very top of her class.

“So, when do you plan on telling your class who it is?”

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“I already told them all a long time ago. Had I waited until the last minute to inform them, it would’ve only caused anxiety in its own way. By making it known ahead of time, it’s easier on the rest of the class, don’t you agree?”

It would be unbearable for the student slated to be forced out of the school.

However, the rest of the class would be able to avoid falling into disarray.