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There were a total of eight hilltop villas in Ming Yun Villas. They were all stand-alone villas, and they each stood far away from one another. This ensured that the surroundings would remain peaceful and quiet.

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Pei Qian purposely chose to view a villa closer to the north-west region. He was mainly worried that when his employees gathered here for meals, all the driving around would disturb the other residents.

They would enter the restaurant from the north-west and leave once they finish eating. It would be more convenient.

There was 580 square meters of usable space in the villa. There were three levels, six rooms, three living rooms, and three restrooms. The living room’s ceiling height was seven meters. The renovations were well done, and there was furniture inside as well.

Of course, Pei Qian had no need for the furniture. After all, he was going to turn the villa into a restaurant. He could keep the renovations largely the same, but the use and structure of the rooms would have to change. This applied to the kitchens, the toilets, and the like.

The infinity pool also looked out at the scenery from halfway up the hill. The vibes of the place were good overall.

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Pei Qian walked around, feeling emotional inside.

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How good it would be if he were rich!

If I can incur about seven million yuan worth of losses by the next settlement, I would buy another villa for myself to live in without any hesitation!

One could dream – there was always a possibility of dreams coming true.

Manager Cui worked hard to blow up the merits of the villa and hype it up.

He was already well-spoken to begin with. In addition, the place was indeed well-designed. Apart from the price, everything else was extremely good. Of course, it was all quite bewitching