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Is the video that shares making money on the Internet reliable?

He ignored them.

The owner of the H4 club was not as tough as the owner of SUG.

Manager Su received the instruction that the H4 Club was the first club to cooperate with Boss Pei and the club that gained the most exposure out of it. Tengda’s regulations were nothing more than a standard contract, which did not cross their principles. It was enough to make a little trouble, but it did not really matter to them.

There was no reason for them to follow the other clubs in making Boss Pei their enemy!

Moreover, the owner of the H4 club didn’t really want to really sell the GOG division. They were the champions of the Global Invitational after all.

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That 13 million might be a lot, but it was a champion team after all. If it was really sold, it wouldn’t be clear whether it was a loss or a profit.

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Therefore, among these managers, Manager Su was the least determined and actively rejected Mr. Pei’s proposal to increase prices, not wanting to make the scene too ugly.

The atmosphere in the conference room became subtle again.

Pei Qian panicked instead.

No, please don’t break the momentum caused by Manager Li!

It would have been a great thing to spend millions more. No one dared to increase the price further this way. Wouldn’t I be in an awkward position?

Pei Qian waved his hand. “How can that do?! We view everyone fairly!