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What Boss Pei really meant to do was remind his employees to take care of their own bodies, health, families, and interests while working hard. Only then could they complete their work well and make greater contributions to Tengda’s development!

From this, one could tell that Boss Pei had a very different strategy from bosses who coveted even the smallest of profits, sought to save every penny, and docked their employees’ pay whenever they could!

At that thought, Hao Qiong became filled with determination.

He wrote his reply to the post. “Please rest assured, Boss Pei. We will work hard and take care of our bodies while we’re at it. May we mature and advance together with Tengda!”

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Manager Zhang had not imagined that response in his wildest dreams. In the past, companies he interacted with would always complain about how expensive it was since other office buildings would cost 2-3 yuan generally. The rate that Shenhua View demanded was almost double of that.

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But yet, Boss Pei found it to be cheap?!

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Was he trying to use reverse psychology?

Or did money not matter to him at all?

Pei Qian frowned as his mind whirled furiously.

He had initially expected this place to be around 5 yuan or so.

Based on an estimate of 5 yuan per square metre per day, a 3,000 square metres office space would cost a monthly rental of 450,000.

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Where else would he find such a good deal to be able to lose 450,000 monthly without doing anything else?

Yet, the price was lower than his estimate by an entire 1 yuan.

That was akin to him losing 90,000 less a month!

That was indeed rather troubling.

However, it was still within an acceptable range for him.

The reason why Pei Qian was so panicked was because Ghost General was earning him money daily!