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“Huh? What do you mean? Not drinking? You told me to make it though?!”

“I don’t mind relaxing here, but how about you?

“That…fine…go home.”

“That’s what I thought~ Then I’ll go now~”

It seems like she made Kei make the coffee on purpose to tease her.

Is this what it meant to not know what true terror was?

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Standing up in one fell swoop, she left like the wind.

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After Amasawa left, the room returned to its original silence.

However, the sweet atmosphere from just before, I had no idea where it went. Right now, the atmosphere was very heavy.

“Kiyotaka! What’s wrong with that kid!”

“I’d like to know that too.”

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“…Made me so mad!”

Although Kei was feeling very irritated, she knew that to continue talking about Amasawa was of no use.

So she wanted to change the topic herself. She changed the topic and spoke.

“Explain, what exactly is the 20 million point bounty, and does it have anything to do with your injury?”

Being silent wasn’t because I wanted to keep this a secret.

It was because I didn’t want Kei to worry about it for nothing.

But now it turned into a situation where I had to talk about it.