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“Eep, s, sorry! I, I’ll remember…”

『Indeed, you wretch! Enough! Tis a little early for dawn, but go out for road work!』

“Ah~, geez… well, whatever…”

He wouldn’t let me sleep again.

As punishment, I was forced out of bed by Tre’ainar who shouted at the bedside to run.

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“Well, it’s like a morning walk.”

『No, you shall make a dash.』

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『Promptly move out!』

“Yes yes… alright, master.”

『Hmm, calling me master only when tis convenient, no longer shall I be deceived!』

It was still dark outside, and the morning sun hasn’t risen.

Of course, no sister had awoken yet.

Looking out of the window, there was no one walking in the streets.

『Road work. Yoga. Jumping rope. Shadows. Muscle training. And sparring in Vier. The menu for the next three months will mostly be so. And in these three months, I shall make you … several times stronger than you are now… so, run with the resolve for death!! Tis about the strengthening of the lower body!』

“O, Osu!!”

『Quickly now, get moving!』

In the midst of such a calm atmosphere, the fervent energy of the Great Demon King still kicked in, and I was immediately driven to run with only light stretching.

The town was dim all over, but the fresh air soaked in and I felt refreshed.