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“Ah, about that. We already came into agreement that it’s Amano-kun’s style to prioritize gaming over his girlfriend or friends-“

Just as Tendou was explaining, Aguri yelled as if it reminded her of something. “Ah!” We three were shocked. Then, Aguri quickly grabbed her phone out.

“What’s wrong, Aguri?”

I asked. Aguri then checked up on her history of the messaging app before slapping herself on the forehead with a “Hiya.” Then, she showed me the screen.

“Uh, I was too shocked. Before you guys came here, I contacted Amanocchi to try and grumble at him. I have to change this quickly or else he’ll be here for nothing…”

However, to Aguri’s nervous attitude, …we three smiled upon looking at each other’s face.

Hoshinomori started explaining to a baffled Aguri.

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“Aguri-san. I guess it’s fine for you to not correct him right away.”


“After all, today is the release-day of the game he longed after for his entire life. Now the idiot that values gaming over everything is trying to get his prize. It would be impossible for him to come here immediately-“

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A strange, wild call was heard throughout the arcade. Just as the customers are curious as they’re observing the situation, …that person didn’t care about them looking at him in the slightest. Instead, even though he’s out of breaths and sweating real hard, he still headed towards us with a severe glare.

So, just as that person arrived in front of the speechless group, …he finally realized this is a strange situation. So, he tilted his head with a big question mark on his face.

“Aguri-san…? Uh, didn’t you break up with Uehara-kun, and was so depressed that you’re about to commit suicide…?”

Aguri laughed awkwardly at the person’s question. “Ah, ahaha…”

“W-Well. Uh, …how should I put it…Uh…”

“…Aguri-san, don’t tell me…”

Amano gave Aguri a contemptuous look. Aguri then pretended to smile elegantly.