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“G-Good morning, senpai. Uh…”

Just as I’m hesitating with what I should say next, Nina-senpai stared at the sky shakingly before smiling creepily.

“…What a beautiful morning…Fake Umehara…”

“Are you really meaning that from the bottom of your heart!”

Honestly, even if I just heard that from a guy whose whole family was murdered, I would just feel slightly uncomfortable in my heart.

I freaked out this time. However, Nina-senpai tilted her head shockingly for a moment before giving me a mumble in realization.

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“Ah, …that’s fine. This is just my bad habit…”

“Senpai’s whole family will be murdered once every morning!?”

“…What are you talking about, Fake Umehara? You’re still just as bafflingly disgusting as before…”

A suspicious person is suspecting me in the morning. What is this?

Nina-senpai lazily let out a sigh. Then, she gave me a look showing that her brain is finally “slightly” operational and explained to me.

“…Well, I got low blood pressure.”

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“Uh, that wasn’t explainable with just a “low blood pressure,” right?”