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“Once I move here after the Chinese New Year, us brothers can reunite and have some drinks!”

Pei Qian, “?”

What do you mean by ‘move here after the Chinese New Year’? What do you mean by ‘us brothers can reunite and have some drinks’?

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Who said you could move your workspace here? Who said that we’re brothers?!

Pei Qian was speechless. Ruan Guangjian and Teacher Qiao... the names of both of those enemies were written down in Pei Qian’s little notebook, and yet they were acting so chummy with Pei Qian!

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However, hearing that Ruan Guangjian was leaving, Pei Qian could not help but feel happy. After all, the bane of his existence was leaving. He could look forward to smoother days ahead, and he would not have to worry about being stabbed by a paintbrush anymore. Yet, something was wrong!

Pei Qian quickly said, “Don’t rush! I have something else for you! How about this? I’ll pick you up from the hotel this afternoon. I want to give you a huge surprise!”

Ruan Guangjian sounded astonished through the phone. “Oh? A surprise? What surprise?”

Pei Qian sniggered. “It’s a surprise... it won’t be one anymore if I tell you what it is. Just meet me at the hotel lobby in the afternoon. I’ll come and fetch you.”

Ruan Guangjian did not ask any more questions. Instead, he just said, “Alright.”

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After hanging up, Pei Qian could not help but grin. I almost let you slip away, brat! Before this, Pei Qian had already confirmed something through the phone. After a month of pure hard work, three small containers for the second project of the haunted house were done.

Those small projects did not take up much space. Take the ‘bathroom’ for example. It only measured about ten square meters. All the game’s content could be found in that cramped area.

What’s more, they could work on multiple small projects at the same time. Thus, they had completed them quickly.

Although the third project would be the scariest in the Thriller Hostel, Pei Qian could not wait any longer. Ruan Guangjian was going to slip away. Pei Qian had to let him experience the Thriller Hostel; he could not let him walk away so arrogantly!

At that thought, Pei Qian called Chen Kangtuo.

“Prepare those three mini-projects for me. I’m going to bring a friend to experience them this afternoon. We have to scare him until he pees his pants!

In the afternoon, at the old industrial zones...

It looked like not much progress had been made on the construction of the Thriller Hostel for now. They had only picked out three factory buildings to commence initial works so far.